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Lady Gaga Stuns Her Fans At The Air Canada Centre

Even the worst snowstorm in years couldn’t keep Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters away from the Air Canada Centre last night where the popstar performed to a less than sold out audience.  The empty seats however didn’t keep Gaga from showing her appreciation to the country that she repeatedly told the audience that she loved.  Before her hit single Just Dance Lady Gaga even asked the fans “Do you remember when you heard this song first? I do, because it went No. 1 in Canada first. It changed my life and so did you.”

When Gaga hit the stage shortly after nine a curtain dropped away to reveal an elaborate castle, and a large diamond dropped from the ceiling.  A face within the diamond told the audience that the fugitive known as Gaga had been captured, and she was paraded around the runway-like stage on horseback in an alien-like costume, including a black headdress that kept her face hidden.  After being taken back inside the castle we were told that she had escaped captivity, and the music began.

After the first song Gaga re-entered the castle, and when she returned all you could see of her was the upper half of her body sticking out of a ridiculously large blow up lower-half of a female.  After a few moments of groaning Gaga literally gave birth to herself wearing a flesh coloured outfit.  This led into a rendition of Born This Way.  “Canada, you are the future,” she stated. “Let’s all go crazy! I missed you!”

For the next two hours Gaga danced upon the stage, changing outfits multiple times (including a dress that moved on wheels and added more than a few feet to her height, and a fake meat outfit) and using many different props.  At one point she even emerged from the egg she made famous at the Grammy Awards a few years back, and in another appeared to be one with a motorcycle that she drove around the stage.   She moved about the castle, which opened and closed throughout the concert, and sang from the different levels.  The band was kept mostly hidden inside the castle, although there were a couple of songs where they walked on the stage as well.  The choreographed dance moves were certainly fun to watch, and Gaga continuously got her fans to jump up and down and wave their hands in the air.

In a touching moment Gaga called one of her fans in the audience (fans were encouraged to text their seat numbers and sections before the show) and thanked him for coming and invited him and his friends backstage for a drink after the show.  She even sang him a rendition of Born This Way.

All in all it was a fun evening, although with only three albums under her belt Gaga doesn’t have the amount of material she needs to really make a two hour show.  She sang most of her big name hits in the first hour, with only a couple remaining for the second half.  Sure her Little Monsters know the words to all of her songs, but her lesser known body of work doesn’t hold a lot of interest to the casual fan.  It made the show drag on a little bit.  Also Gaga stopped a few times throughout the show to give long winded speeches about her beliefs which didn’t help with the pacing.  Gaga did keep the energy flowing most of the time however, and the medieval castle on stage mixed with a science fiction story and interesting costume choices made the concert one to remember.

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