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Justin Bieber's Believe Acoustic Album Helps Him Break Music Records

Justin Bieber’s 19th birthday is coming up on March 1st, but the young singer already has something to celebrate. With his recent Believe Acoustic album, Justin Bieber has become the first artist under 19 years old to have five number one albums. What makes this even more surprising and impressive is that he has only released 2 original studio albums and has never had a number 1 single in the US.

Justin Bieber’s recent acoustic album sold 200,000 copies in a week. This is impressive in a time where even established artists are having a tough time selling records. Espiecially since it’s not a new album, but just acoustic and live versions of his previously released songs. This joined his other number one albums: My World 2.0, Under The Mistletoe, Believe, and Never Say Never: The Remixes. Despite all of his fame for these new songs, which Justin is credited for writing and producing, he still isn’t up for a single Grammy this weekend.

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Justin has also never hit number 1 on the singles chart in the US. The closest he came was with “Boyfriend” which debuted at number 2, but never peaked to the top of the charts. It did hit number one in Canada, proving that we support our hometown boy just a bit more.

Hopefully from here on out we can focus more on Justin Bieber’s successes on the charts and less on his scandals.

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