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Pregnant Celebrity Due Dates 2013 – Kate, Kim, Jessica & More

Shakira just gave birth to her son Milan yesterday, kicking off the 2013 babyboom with a bang. If you happen to have office pools about which celebrity will give birth next, we’re here to help you out. Here are the most talked about celebrity due dates of 2013.

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Holly Madison
Due date: March 2013
Baby’s Dad: Pasquale Rotella (party promoter)
Why The Buzz: She’s Holly Madison, the former Girl Next Door and girlfriend of Hugh Hefner. From Playboy model to play-date maker, we’re excited to see Holly’s transformation into a Mom.

Malin Akerman
Due date: April 2013
Baby’s Dad: Robeto Zincone (Malin’s husband and Italian drummer)
Why The Buzz: We’re big fans of Malin, the quirky Canadian who somehow manages to be drop-dead gorgeous while also maintaining her status as one of the funniest women in Hollywood.

Jessica Simpson
Due date: Although she hasn’t confirmed it, we’re going to guess June 2013.
Baby’s Dad: Eric Johnson
Why The Buzz: Jessica Simpson had to put her Weight Watchers plan (not to mention contract) on hold when she found out she was pregnant with her second child just months after giving birth to Maxwell Drew. Jess has wanted to be a Mom forever, so we couldn’t be more excited for the blonde beauty and her growing family.

Kristen Bell
Due date: Late spring 2013
Baby’s Dad: Dax Shepard
Why The Buzz: Together, they’re one of the funniest and most adorable couples in Hollywood.

Kate Middleton
Due date: July 2013
Baby’s Dad: Prince William
Why The Buzz: This is indeed the baby that is going to set all the fashion trends for babies the world over. Whatever Kate’s little baby is wearing and whatever carriage she decides to use to walk him or her in, you can guarantee that this baby is going to define the youngest trendsetter in history.

Kim Kardashian
Due date: July 2013
Baby’s Dad: Kanye West
Why The Buzz: It’s Kim Kardashian! Whether you like it or not, she’s one of the most searched celebs in the world, and her baby is going to be world famous from the moment he or she enters the world, even if he or she isn’t old enough to get a reality show just yet.

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Photos Courtesy of: Startraks & Twitter

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