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Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum Wedding Interview

This Sunday, December 16, Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum will share their wedding with the world on ABC’s “The Bachelorette: Ashley and J. P.’s Wedding” at 9pm ET. The couple, who met on the 7th season of The Bachelorette, are now the third couple in the Bachelor franchise history to tie the knot, after Trista and Ryan Sutter and Jason and Molly Mesnick. Host Chris Harrison actually officiated their outdoor wedding and other special guests from the Bachelor franchise attended, including the most recent Bachelorette Emily Maynard, Jillian Harris and future Bachelor star Sean Lowe, along with Jason and Molly Mesnick and Trista and Ryan Sutter.

Although “The Bachelorette: Ashley and J. P.’s Wedding” only airs this Sunday, the couple actually got married on December 1 in Pasadena, California. The wedding took place over a year after they got engaged on the May 2011 finale of The Bachelorette. Remember when JP asked Ashley to marry him with a 3.5-carat cushion-cut Neil Lane diamond ring in Fiji? We certainly do. Although their courtship and engagement was the stuff of fairytales, the couple’s wedding is nothing short of dream-like. Ashley wore a custom-made white mermaid gown by Randi Rahm with a 40-pound train!

Real Style caught up with Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum on a conference call just over a week after their big day to talk about their wedding in anticipation of Sunday’s night TV wedding event of the year. Here’s what the couple had to say about the wedding, their lives together, plans for children, other stars from the Bachelor franchise and everything in between.

Ashley on choosing her wedding dress:
“I went back and forth from lace to satin and I didn’t really know exactly what I wanted. I’ve never tried on dresses so I didn’t know what looks great on my body. And then I just, do you want to know what I really did? Honestly? I just went on, not Instagram, what’s that site? Pinterest. And I just looked up wedding dresses and I kind of stole little pieces of all these different dresses that I loved. And then obviously Randi Rahm did my dress. She did my dress the first night of the show, and she did my finale dress when I was on The Bachelorette and I know that we have the same idea of aesthetics. So I met up with her and I threw her all of the ideas that I had, and we just worked together over time and she custom made this beautiful, I mean, it’s awe it was the perfect dress for me. It’s, it was stunning, beautiful, perfect. Everything I’ve ever wanted.”

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JP on things that were off limits at the wedding:
“No red roses were allowed.”

Ashley on what we won’t see on TV Sunday night:
“There is a moment where Chris Harrison and one of the producers tied their ties together and created a limbo for everybody. You definitely won’t see that. But that was a really fun part of the night.”

JP on why they decided to make their wedding a TV event:
“I think that there are very few people in this world that get to have the, you know, a fantasy wedding, the wedding of their dreams. And at the end of the day, to, to pass that up, I think in 20 years from now, if we didn’t do it, I think we would look back and say, you know what? We should have done it.”

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Ashley on the biggest stress of the wedding:
“As soon as we arrived in California it was raining. It rained every day we were there, except for the ceremony for like three or four hours.”

JP on bringing his family’s religious customs into the wedding:
“My family is not super religious but there are definitely some traditions that I wanted to incorporate into the wedding. Because obviously, my parents, my grandparents, I mean everybody has done it and it was important to me to bring them to the wedding. And when Ashley and I discussed it, she was obviously very open to incorporating anything that I wanted to incorporate. So, we got married under a chuppah, we broke the glass, we signed the Ketubah. I was wearing a yarmulke, there was definitely a lot of Judaism influence in the wedding… we did dance the Hora at the reception afterwards as well.”

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Ashley on narrowing down the guest list:
“Obviously we wanted to invite more people than we actually did. But I think was what we did is, we just looked at all the people that kind of knew us, people that we had a real relationship, real friendships with, and we just invited, invited them. We invited a couple of the couples that have been through it. Obviously we wanted them to be there. And then just the people that we were closest too.”

JP on th best advice they received for their wedding day:
“It was actually after the ceremony and right before the reception started. Stephen Stagliano and Dianna had pulled me aside or pulled us aside and said, whatever you do tonight, we want you guys to take 10 minutes, go out, like go off to the side, and just watch everything happen. Take it for yourself. If people come up to you and try to talk to you, just say, you know, give us a second. And just take it all in, because it will be over before you know it. And I have to tell you, I did that more than once throughout the night. I just took a few minutes and just soaked it all in. And it was really, I mean, very important, because I will have those memories.

Ashley on her wedding makeup:
“I kind of wanted a vintage kind of feel and a vintage look so I went very neutral and natural. And I actually wore a lot less makeup than I have you know, for other big events. I kept things really soft and kind of airy.”

JP on waiting over a year to get married:
“We knew that we had a lot of growing to do as a couple. I mean it sounds kind of cheesy but it’s true… We understood how we met. We understood that we would need some significant time to really get to know each other. You know, we knew the love was there, but the next year, year and a half — however long it was going to take, it was going to take. And we had a lot of transition, like we said, moving and residency and so we never felt settled really enough the first year, year and a half of being together. And then once we moved and settled down in Princeton and we knew we were staying put for two years, that is when we sat and said, OK let’s get married.”

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Ashley on writing their own vows:
“We wanted to keep the ceremony really personal. It wasn’t so religious, it was more about family and love, and basically we each wrote our own vows, kept them very personal. I know for me I just took the core things that I think are important to keep a relationship and a marriage last, to make it last. And I just kind of made all those promises. And I, yeah, you’ll definitely see some tears. Not as many as you might think. We were pretty composed.”

Ashley on what she was thinking when she walked down the aisle:
“I wish I could say that it was something other than, wow my train is so heavy, I’m not sure I can make it all the way up those steps.”

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JP on what changed after they got married:
“For us, we’ve lived together for over a year, so we know each other I mean relatively well. And nothing major has changed. But there’s this sense of security, this sense of forever, that I think didn’t exist before we got married. Not to say that we didn’t feel it. But there’s something about being married that makes you feel different in that regard. Like more of a security, and I don’t know why. Not to say that we didn’t have security before, but there’s just this different sense of security I guess.”

JP on their mini-honeymoon:
“We had only stayed out there [in Pasadena] for an extra day just to kind of decompress a little bit. And we really didn’t do anything. We stayed inside all day, ordered room service and just relaxed and unwound, so to speak. We really couldn’t take any more immediate time off of work so that’s why there’s no honeymoon right now.”

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Ashley on one of the non-traditional things about the wedding:
“I didn’t even throw my bouquet, it was too pretty to throw.”

JP on the best part about married life:
“Sitting home alone, ordering in and sleeping, laying on the couch. Fortunately we have a really good excuse to do that any weekend we want. Because once we moved to Princeton, we’re now at least an hour, hour and fifteen minutes away from anything we want to do, whether it’s hanging out with friends and family in the city, whether it’s go to the shore, go to Philly. So we always have an excuse, oh it’s an hour and a half away. We can just stay home and hang out on the couch. I think we really love to do it anyway, so it’s not so much an excuse but…”

Ashley on advice she would give future Bachelor/Bachelorette couples:
“I think the biggest thing is just to be true to yourself and to be true to the way you feel. Don’t force anything. Just let whatever’s going to happen, happen. I don’t know if that’s going to make more successful couples or less, but I just think it’s important from the beginning to just always be true to yourself… I also think it’s because we were still ourselves while we were filming, so we got to know the real Ashley and the real J.P. while we were filming. It wasn’t after the show that we learned things about each other. You know? It was during the time. So we had more time than most people.”

JP on the obstacles they’ve faced as a reality TV couple so far:
“Luckily I mean we’ve had nothing, nothing, super major come up. We have had to move you know a half a dozen times. Ashley got into her residency program so I moved, we moved out of New York, which was really a first for me in 12 years. But aside from that, we have really meshed just so well. Our families get along, we haven’t had any serious, serious obstacles to overcome in the last almost two years.”

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Ashley on the transition point from reality TV couple to real-life couple:
“I think that month, two months, three months of living together and coming down from the high of the show. I think that is really the critical point in the relationship that forms in the way it did.”

JP on Ben Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson’s breakup:
“I keep in touch with Ben a lot. But I never really pried into his relationship other than ask him how things are going, and that’s really it. We’ve kept it to sports and wine and life. But you know, once his season was over, then it was up to the two of them to really figure it out from there. And we never, I mean I never, I don’t know. It’s one of those things we just let happen and they would either evolve into a great couple or they would end it. And I’m sure they felt they did what they felt was best for the two of them. I wish them both well.”

Ashley on Ben and Courtney’s relationship:
“My thought is, you never really know. There are so many hours that are being filmed. You never really know how they feel about each other. You never really know anything. So I think we just stayed respectful of that. And we said, just like J. P. said, we’ll let them be. We’re not going to question them, we’re not going to ridicule them. We’re just going to let their relationship evolve and hopefully see what happens. But I think it’s just, you never really know so it’s hard to step out and judge after you’ve been through it.

Ashley on where they’re living now:
“We live in Princeton, New Jersey right now. We’ve been living here for probably six months now. And we live here as kind of like a compromise because J.P. works in the city, in New York, and I work in Philadelphia. And then in terms of long future, we’re not really sure. I mean we haven’t really, we still have a couple years left in Princeton. We’ll probably stay in the Northeast, maybe, maybe New York, maybe North Jersey, maybe Connecticut, who knows?”

JP on how many children they’re going to have:
“She wants one, I want two.”

JP on the possibility of future reality TV shows for the couple:
“It’s funny you know, we’ve never really, seriously talked about it. But I don’t, I think that I’d like to keep the rest of our lives together a little more personal. But you know — never say never. But as of now we have no plans to do so and we are perfectly happy going the rest of our lives without more reality TV.”

Ashley on her advice for the next Bachelor Sean Lowe from Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette:
“You know the one thing I got from Sean, just from watching, but like I said, you never really know. He seemed just like a normal guy, a good guy. And I think he has a good head on his shoulders and he’ll make the best decisions. I think that he’ll just be honest with himself and I don’t think he’ll get caught up in anything. I think we’re going to have an honest season ahead of us. That’s what I think.”

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