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2012′s Breakout Stars

This year we saw everything from a little Canadian girl take over the airwaves, erotica become mainstream reading, one sexy swimmer win gold and everyone having fun . Find out who we think are the break out stars of 2012:

Carly Rae Jepsen

You couldn’t go anywhere this year without hearing Carly Rae Jepsen’s voice singing. She took over the airwaves with her smash hit “Call Me Maybe” and started a craze that caught everyone in its grasps. On top of that Carly also earned a hit with her guest appearance on the Owl City song “Good Time.” We can’t wait to see if Carly Rae can keep up the momentum in 2013.

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E.L. James

The world got a little sexier in 2012 when the Fifty Shade Of Grey craze stormed women everywhere. We are sure that E.L. James would never have believed that her little story, which started out as Twilight fanfiction would ever develop into the worldwide craze, a board game and upcoming film trilogy.

One Direction

Even though they originally became a band a few years back, 2012 was the year that One Direction stole the spotlight from every other pop band and won the hearts of girls everywhere. Dare we say that One Direction even stole a bit of Justin Bieber’s thunder. They are so catchy we aren’t even sick of “What Makes You Beautiful” yet.

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Ryan Lochte

We all expected to have Michael Phelps fever in 2012 thanks to the London Olympics, but it was his swimming teammate Ryan Lotche who became the breakout star. Lotche’s good looks and love of the camera helped turn him into a household name.

Jessica Pare

After her performance of “Zou Bisou Bisou” on Mad Men, it became clear that Jessica Pare was here to stay. While her character’s marriage to Don Draper may be falling apart on screen everyone love Jessica Pare’s French Canadian beauty and charm. We hope to see more of Jessica in 2013.


There was one other song that you couldn’t escape this summer and it belonged to indie pop rockers fun. “We Are Young” became a summer anthem and they are loved by both the public and critics alike. With six Grammy nominations under their belt, expect fun to continue their journey up.

Max Greenfield

You may not know Max’s name, but you will be more familiar with his role as Schmidt on New Girl alongside Zooey Deschanel. His hilarious portrayal of the cocky, but sweet roommate has garnered attention from all over. Max has an Emmy nomination this year meaning a bright future for Schmidt.

Gillian Flynn

If you haven’t read Gillian Flynn’s amazing novel Gone Girl, we don’t know what you are waiting for. The bestselling book is one of the best books we have read in a long time and kept us on the edge of our seats. Reese Witherspoon has optioned the book to make it into a film, which we are sure will be just as shocking.


Love him or hate him, PSY was everywhere this year thanks to his viral video “Gangnam Style”. This fall, everyone was doing the dance that made PSY famous and he has been travelling the world, bringing his show to all. We don’t expect PSY fever to last much longer, but it was fun while it lasted.

Lena Dunham

This summer the world was polarized by four spoiled girls living in NYC from the brilliant and hilarious mind of Lena Dunham. Girls became a smash hit that you either loved or hated and helped her be nominated for 4 Emmy Awards. With the new season beginning soon, we can’t wait for more of Lena.

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