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Photos Of The Borgo Egnazia Where Jessica Biel & Just Timberlake Married!

As we mentioned earlier, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake married in Puglia, Italy on Friday. Now that we’ve seen the photos of the Borgo Egnazia, the amazing hotel where the couple tied the knot, we can totally see why they picked it as their location to say, “I do.”

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Justin and Jessica have spent a lot of time together in Italy, hence why they decided to get married there as opposed to back home in America. The Borgo Egnazia is an ancient fortress with beautiful white-washed walls. Apparently, the entire hotel was decorated with white flowers for Justin and Jessica’s wedding. That sounds absolutely fairytale fabulous! We’re feeling a tad jealous, but we’re still happy for the on-again, off-again couple of five years. Check out the more photos of the Borgo Egnazia below!

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Photos Courtesy of: Borgo Egnazia

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