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Stream Your Next Workout From The Gym

Have you ever wanted to visit a gym you read about online or in a magazine only to find out that there isn’t a branch in your city? Crunch Gym has started a new online streaming service of their classes that we think might become the next trend in workouts.

Crunch Gym is a fabulous gym that has locations in 10 states with unique classes including The Hot Seat, where you workout and learn how to do a sexy lap dance with a chair, Celebrity Body where you do the same workouts as Beyonce and Madonna, and Stiletto Strength where you work out in your favourite pumps.

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Since not everyone can make it into their gym, they have started a new subscription based service so that you can get access to 13 different classes for $10 a month.  You can stream the classes online now and they will be adding more on a regular basis to give you variety in your workout.

With many people feeling like they are too busy to join a regular class at the gym, streaming classes like this could be the future of the workout. We imagine soon you will even be able to live stream classes from your local gym.

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