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Are Cuticle Tattoos Set to Be The Next Big Thing in Nails?

When it comes to nail art, there always seems to be a new trend or style taking off. From caviar nails to minx nails, there really is no limit to nail art designs and styles. The newest nail trend known as ‘cuticle tattoos’ is already catching on with fans of nail art.
Rad Nails is the company behind the new nail concept. According to them, cuticle tattoos offer up an easy way to accent nails with whimsical temporary tattoos.  To use them you literally just apply water to them and position them just below the cuticle area. According to Rad Nails, it’s a low-key way to have fun with your manicure or nail art.
At about $6 a pack, it’s also affordable, but we’re not quite sure we’re ready to start decorating our cuticles.


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Author: Staff writer
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