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Frizz-Fighting Strategies

Your hair most of the year looks good, but then summer hits and hello, frizziness! This is thanks the humidity in the air. Hair attracts the moisture in the air, and depending on whether your hair is fine or coarse it will react differently. Fine hair will go flat from the excess moisture because it becomes heavy. But if you have coarse hair, your hair will accept the moisture and expand, causing frizz,” explains Greg May of Greg May Hair Architects in Toronto.

How to get your hair under control then? 3 dos and don’ts when it comes to frizz fighting.

Do use products with frizz-fighting ingredients

“You want to look for ingredients such as keratin and argan oil. Mostly for the conditioning factor, but also because they will make the cuticle lie more flat, locking in moisture,” says May, adding that silicones will work well, too. Consider, too, switching to a cream product as it’ll help seal and nourish the cuticle, “locking the door” says May, so that moisture cannot penetrate the cuticle.

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Don’t use products that could dry out your hair.

While you’re adding in products to your hair-styling arsenal with the conditioning ingredients above, make sure none of the ones you are keeping in your collection contain ingredients that dry out the hair. Think alcohol and sulphates. Switch to a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner during the particularly humid months.

Do ease up on the styling with heat tools

You know that heat styling tools can be harsh on the hair. They disrupt the cuticle and dry out the hair. “This leads to moisture being attracted to the hair, promoting frizz,” says May. So use your blow dryer less if you can as it not only makes it harder to smooth the cuticle,  but it dries the scalp. “This creates a dual negative effect by reducing the amount of sebum that is being produced and sebum works to naturally condition the hair and scalp,” explains May.

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