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Butter Coffee – A Strange New Diet & Health Trend

When it comes to health and weight loss, there is always a new trend around the corner. The latest trend creating a buzz involves butter and coffee. People are actually adding up to 80 grams (two-thirds of a stick) of butter to their morning coffee. This blending of coffee and butter is being touted as a way to increase energy levels and boost weight loss.

Many people don’t get enough healthy fats in their diet and this ‘butter coffee’ is meant to change that by instantly adding healthy fats to your diet.

Butter coffee has fans, but many critics argue that the butter does nothing, but add a lot of extra calories to your diet. The so-called ‘energy boost’ isn’t based on anything scientific or real.

If you want to try it out, it won’t hurt you, but be prepared to burn off the extra ‘butter’ calories!

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