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5 Yummy Summer Foods That Burn Fat

Summertime is all about the refreshing, delicious foods and drinks we all swarm to at picnics, barbecues and beachside. But what about staying fit for the bikini or skimpy sundress you’ll likely be wearing during these fetes and social occasions? No problem! Some of our favourite, delicious summer foods are actually proven to boost the metabolism and help burn fat. Which foods should you fill your plate with this summer? You may be surprised — and PS: it’s not celery.

1. Grapefruit. This zesty, citrusy and refreshing fruit lowers insulin, regulates blood sugar and boosts the metabolism. Start each day with a breakfast full of fibre, protein and half one of these yummy summer treats.

2. Berries. Mmm, sweet and delicious, berries improve satiety and reduce cravings of other foods like desserts. One way to have your sweet fix while staying healthy? Blend frozen or fresh berries with low-fat plain greek yogurt, and freeze to make yummy pops. (Flavoured yogurt is very high in added sugar, so avoid it in place of plain.)

3. Avocado. Get ready to get guac-y. The monounsaturated fats found in avocados are burned readily for fuel during exercise and actually encourage fat burning. We suggest making your own guacamole with avocado, raw garlic, peppers, lime, tomato and hot chillis for an extra metabolic boost and without the preservatives, salt and sugar of processed versions.

4. Iced (Green!) Tea. Not to be confused with sweetened iced tea, a delicious and refreshing pitcher of cooled, steeped green tea over ice with cleansing lemon is a triple-threat fat burner. Water is your body’s best friend when it comes to your metabolism, while green tea is one of the best fat blasters around.

5. Salmon. If someone’s grilling this summer, you should be throwing some of this yummy fish on the BBQ. Leave the ribs and hot dogs to those who aren’t as enlightened, (or better yet, spread your fat-blasting vibes!) and opt for this fish full of essential omegas. These fats help block bad fats and bring on fat burning. Get grillin’!

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