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Low Cal Summer Cocktails

With the first long weekend of summer arriving, now is the time for backyard barbeques and drinks with umbrellas. If you are trying to keep in shape for bikini season, those delicious summer drinks full of calories can be your worst enemy. Here are a few updates to make your favourite drink a low calorie summer cocktails that you can indulge in guilt free:

99 Calorie Margarita

Use fresh ingredients to make your warm weather margarita a healthier drink. Combine 1.25 oz or tequila, 2 springs of cilantro, 4 slices of cucumber, 2 slices of jalapeno, 1 oz of lime juice, 2 ox of distilled water and 2 packets of Splenda in a glass over ice and serve.

107 Calorie Lemonade

Stay refreshed in the backyard with this sugar-free lemonade option. Combine 50ml of whisky with 25ml of lemon juice, 25 ml of lime juice and diet lemonade. Add ice and enjoy.

95 Calorie Mojito

This classic summer drink doesn’t have to break your diet, since it comes in at under 100 calories. Mix 50ml of rum with mint and lime wedges. Add 25ml of gomme sugar syrup, ice and soda water to complete this traditional summer drink.

65 Calorie Strawberry Daiquri

When you think of daiquri’s you probably think of a high calorie drink loaded with sugar, but this summer drink is a healthier option. Mix 50ml of rum, 25 ml of lime juice, 50ml of strawberry syrup and ice until smooth. Pour in a glass, add some fresh strawberry and enjoy.

173 Calorie Sangria

One of our favourite summer drink, this should be mixed up in a punch bowl and served up for the girls on a warm day. Pour three bottles of light to medium red wine in a bowl. Add slices of apple, oranges, and grapes. Fill up the rest of the bowl with diet lemon soda such as Sprite. Mix and enjoy in some chilled glasses.

[Photo via Katherine Price, Recipes via Shape & Marie Claire]

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