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Rainbow Manicure Do’s & Don’ts

With nails in every shade of the rainbow set to be a major manicure trend for spring 2013, it’s definitely the season of colour. It’s time to replace your simple French tips for something a bit more edgy, daring, and adventurous. However, there are definitely some shades of grey when it comes to doing this trend right! Here are some tips for vibrant fingertips:

DO: Stick to the same colour family if you decide to go with the trend. While it’s always great to be unique and make a style statement, nails in mismatched shades will only look unprofessional and sloppy. If you choose neon brights, stick to only a couple of shades to make the look more wearable. You can also try alternating colours, or varying shades on each nail.

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DON’T: Don’t forget to keep your nails short and trim if you want a colourful manicure! Since it’s already a busy look, long talons will just make your manicure look gaudy and artificial. Stick to a basic oval nail shape if you can.

DO: Choose shades which are popular and trendy for spring, for a fashion-forward mani. Why not do alternating shades of greens and blues, or a series of pink nails ranging from pastel pink to fuchsia?

DON’T: Be trend-obsessed! You’re already taking a leap of faith by painting a set of multi-coloured tips, so there is no need to follow every manicure fad at once. Metallic finishes, leather effect polish, and decals are better left for other days.

DO: Look into great quality polish for lasting at-home results. After all, there is nothing worse than chipped polish an hour after application. OPI’s Brights collection features a range of cheerful shades, ranging from Blue My Mind to Charged Up Cherry.

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