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Health Canada Approves Sale of Trendy New Energy Drinks

The debate over the safety and over-consumption of energy drinks and shots has been going on for years in both Canada and the US. Fans of the drinks (including fitness buffs) have been worried about decreased supply and even outright bans on some of the most popular brands like 5-Hour Energy and Monster. Surprisingly, CTV is reporting that in the last month alone, Health Canada has approved the sale of 14 new energy shot drinks for Canadian consumers (including two from 5-Hour Energy).  

According to their findings, in Canada energy shots and energy drinks are regulated in two separate categories and therefore hold different limits in terms of the amount of caffeine allowed. Energy drinks are considered food products while energy shots fall under the natural health product classification. When it comes to getting approval, one of the key components looked at is the amount of caffeine in the energy shot or drink. Shots could have as much as 200mg of caffeine and drinks are capped at 180mg of caffeine.  

In the meantime, the US government is carefully reviewing the safety of energy products like 5-Hour Energy Shots and Monster after reports of deaths linked to the drinks.

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