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DIY Lipstick Palette – How To Turn A Pillbox Into A Lipstick Palette

If you’ve ever accidentally raised a lipstick too high and broken it while applying it to your lips or thrown out a lipstick simply because it got too short to apply, we suggest using a trick makeup artists have adopted for years to keep their hands on lipsticks that break or start running out. Next time you’re in the drugstore, pick up a pillbox in the pharmaceutical section. It’s a great way to store lipsticks that break and also an amazing way to store a lipstick that’s now down to the base of the tube. Just use something like a skewer to scoop out all of the remaining lipstick in the bottom of the lipstick tube. There’s a lot more product down there then you think! Added bonus, storing your old lipsticks in a pillbox will let you play makeup artist whenever you feel like it, making it easier to mix colours like you’re working straight off of an artist’s paint palette.

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