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Best Movie Makeovers

Many people will be thinking how to transform themselves for this upcoming New Year. Your resolution may include losing weight, buying a new wardrobe or cutting your hair to improve 2013. To get inspired for a new you, we have gathered some of our favourite movie makeovers of all time.

Pretty Woman

No one will ever forget Julia Roberts’ transformation from the girl wearing thigh high boots and crop tops to the woman in the red dress. This is the classic tale of how anything is possible. All of us hoped to find our very own Richard Gere to sweep us away after watching Vivian Ward‘s transformation. Her change was a bit of a makeunder as Vivian ditched the wig for her natural curls and went for a more natural makeup to match her designer gowns.


Brittany Murphy’s Tai character may not have wanted a makeover in Clueless, but Cher took it upon herself to take Tai from a tomboy to a trendy it girl in Beverly Hills. While Tai needed to remember that she could still be herself in this new look, we love seeing Brittany Murphy blossom. Take a cue from Tai and keep a bit of yourself in your 2013 makeover.

The Devil Wears Prada

Anne Hathaway was gone through many on screen makeovers including Princess Diaries and Les Miserable, but our love of fashion makes her role in Devil Wear Prada our favourite of the bunch. Anne Hathaway goes from bookworm to fashionista in this tale.

She’s All That

Rachel Lee Cook gets transformed from the bookish, artsy girl to prom queen in this 90’s flick. It’s all for a boy and a mean prank, but there is no denying that Rachel’s Lainey comes out looking stunning. It goes to show that all it takes sometimes is contacts and a flat iron to bring out your inner butterfly.

Mean Girls

Lindsay Lohan’s Cady goes from a home-schooled mathlete to the Queen B of the Plastics in this hilarious tale. Unfortunately for Cady, her transformation wasn’t all a good thing. While she looked great, so needed to check herself. Beauty is more than just a great new look and sexy dress.


Sandy already had her guy Danny Zuko by the time she went through her major transformation. This look was just the icing on the cake to show she truly belonged. We love it that Sandy was comfortable about who she was and got this massive makeover for herself. Olivia Newton-John was cute at first with her poodle skirt and barrettes, but her leather pants and big curls helped her fit in and got the attention of Danny Zuko once and for all.

Miss Congeniality

Sandra Bullock va-va-voomed her way through this makeover going from a tough cop Gracie Hart to a beauty pageant contestant. Sandra Bullock was a knock out who surely could have won Miss New Jersey and impressed the judges. It goes to show that you can still be tough while looking sexy.

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