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Office Holiday Party Hairstyles

With the holiday party season officially here, your busy social calendar should come complete with great hair for every occasion. Whether your own locks are halfway down your back or cut into a chic bob, platinum blonde or jet black, curly or straight, you’ll want to ensure they look fantastic at any holiday work events.

Here are two great hairstyles from beauty tutorials, and tips for how to get the look:

Long Hair: Grecian-Inspired Updo
After washing and combing hair (you may want to straighten first if your hair is naturally wavy or curly), divide your locks into a middle part. Start off by braiding small segments into three thin plaits, while braiding the rest of the hair into a smooth ponytail. Slowly wrap half the length of the ponytail around one hand, into a twisted bun. Use jewelled hair pins to both accessorize and hold the hair into place, as shown here- but be sure to leave the top half of the ponytail which hasn’t been braided yet free. You will need keep twisting the top half of the ponytail into small rounded twists. Accessorize with more clip, and wind the three small braids around your twisted bun for a look suitable for a Greek goddess!

Short Hair: Vintage Waves
This look is perfect if you sport a long bob with side bangs, and your hair is cut preferably no more than a couple inches above the shoulders. First, pin back half your hair in a half-up hairstyle with styling pins. Use your curling iron to style the sectioned hair into one inch curls, before using hairspray for maximum hold. Curl the other half of your hair and the back as well, before sectioning the top and continuing to curl hair towards your face. Clip back one side with a bobby pin, and you’re ready for the party! Complete your new hairstyle with bold red lips as shown in the tutorial, for an authentic vintage-inspired look.

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