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Makeup Tips For The Office Holiday Party

Tis the season of the dreaded office holiday party. Now is the time to impress your co-workers on how great you look outside of office hours, but not time to go overboard. You always hear horror stories about the office party, so this year make sure you are on the best dressed list by sticking with these makeup tips for the office holiday party.

Wear a lip stain

Be the girl who never has to go to the bathroom to reapply her lipstick by wearing a red lip stain to the party. You also won’t have to be caught with lipstick on your teeth while talking to your boss. We love a ruby red for the holidays!

Get a day to night palette

If you won’t have much time to get ready after work to head to the party, pick up a festive day to night palette that includes a bit of sparkle or a darker hue that can take your from the office to the dance floor.

Wear makeup in moderation

These are your co-workers that you are partying with so don’t go overboard. Skip the body shimmer, hair glitter and wild fake lashes tonight. If you want to sparkle wear a glitter nail polish or a light gold eyeshadow.

Change up your hair

Since it is a party, change up your regular look to feel festive. It’s fun to see everyone in a new light outside of the office. Straighten your hair if you always wear a ponytail in the office or wear it up tonight. You don’t have to go over the top, just different.

Trade Your Glasses For Contacts

If you really want to surprise your co-workers and grab their attention, trade in your usual glasses for contact lenses for the holiday party. This will allow you to really play up your eyes with fun makeup that can sometimes be hidden.

A Little Goes A Long Way

Espiecially if you are going from the office to the party, pick one easy dramatic way to change your makeup on the run. Add a black eyeliner to highlight your eyes or a bold red lip to get festive. You only need to focus on one area to highlight and can make an impact with your co-workers.

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