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Hanukkah Nail Decals

Happy Hanukkah, everybody! What better way to get into the holiday spirit than by decorating your nails? It’s no secret that nail art and polishes were the hottest selling beauty items of 2012. Nail polishes and nail stickers have become to the beauty world what shoes have always been to the fashion world: one of the most fun ways to add a little wow factor to your look (not to mention the most fun thing to shop for!).

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We’re obsessed with Hanukkah Nail Decals by Midrash Manicures. The adorable stickers might look flimsy, but they actually last up to 10 days, which is more than enough time to get you through Hanukkah in serious style. What’s even better than the cute Dreidels and Menorahs made tiny enough to fit on your finger tips is the story behind Midrash Manicures. 26-year-old Rabbi Yael Buechler actually created the line after she made headlines for asking her students in suburban New York to come up with nail art inspired by their understanding of the Torah and its stories.

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Hanukkah Nail Decals by Midrash Manicures come with 30 nail stickers, directions on how to apply them and a mini Hanukkah quiz. How adorable! We also love the company’s slogan: “The Miracle of Hanukkah is at-hand!”

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Photo Courtesy of: Hanukkah Nail Decals by Midrash Manicures

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