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Alexa Chung Starts Black Leather Nail Trend

Fans of nail styles and art have been buzzing about the latest ‘must-have’ nail manicure set known as ‘leather nails’. British ‘it’ girl Alexa Chung has been sporting them and her involvement with the brand responsible for the leather nail style has led to department store waiting lists. 

Chung recently tweeted “Aaaaannnnnndddd thanks @nailsinc for my leather nails! This comment immediately had fans hitting the net for info on Nails Inc. leather nails.

Out on December 13, 2012, the Nails Inc. Bling It On Black Leather & Skulls nail kit was inspired by the Spring/Summer 2013 runway trend of texture and leather. The bold, fashion-forward shade applies glossy, but will dry down into a chic leather look texture. The nail kit also includes four crystal skull embellishments and glue so that you can customize your look.

Leather nails – yet another nail style to try out this holiday season!

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Author: Staff writer
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