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Cure For Baldness Coming Soon-Maybe..

While many companies promise to help your hair grow in thicker and fuller, doctors are working hard to find a real cure for baldness. They are trying to find a way to help people who are already bald (or going bald) to grow new hair.

Apparently these teams from around the US have found that vitamin D is key to keeping your hair healthy. Taking vitamin D supplements can help keep your hair longer. If you have already lost your hair, unfortunately regular vitamins will not help. They are looking at new ways to get the vitamin so it will stimulate new hair growth.

Baldness occurs when communication between the cells is interrupted and hair follicles put themselves to sleep. Dormant follicles are apparently common, but when it happens too much you will become bald. Other extreme circumstances, such as medication can cause the follicles to die.

Most current hair loss products work to prevent it, but there are none available that help you re-grow lost hair. Doctors are trying to use vitamin D and molecules MED and LEF1 to awaken sleeping follicles. They are hoping to find a safe supplement that can be the miracle cure for everyone suffering from hair loss.

If you want to get a head start on preventing hair loss, eat a vitamin D rich diet that includes mushrooms, fatty fish and eggs.

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