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5 Secret Styling Tips With Dry Shampoo

By now we all know that washing our hair on a daily basis is less than ideal. Not only does it strip our hair of the natural oils that keep it looking healthy and shiny, but can also rinse away colour forcing us to go back to the hair salon earlier than expected. And let’s face it; we don’t always have the time to hop in the shower routinely. The simple answer — dry shampoo! This stuff is perfect for a quick refresher in between washes as it will absorb any grease and dirt without getting your hair wet. While this product is known for its effectiveness on your greasy hair did you know that it also has a multitude of styling benefits? Here are just a few of the many uses for your favourite dry shampoo!

1. Styling Secret: Dry shampoo doubles as a great styling product! If you simply want to preserve you’re blowout in between trips to the hairdresser then this is a great tip for you. Just apply it to your hair and you will preserve that fresh blowout look for one more day. It can even be used to hold an up-do in place instead of hairspray or gel.

2. Amp up the Volume: With its oil-absorbing qualities, dry shampoo is known to create fullness and texture. When your hair is simply looking lifeless and flat add a little bit of dry shampoo for instant volume!

3. Colour Touch-Up: While dry shampoo will certainly add some body to your roots, did you know that it can also hide your outgrown colour? The Batiste line of dry shampoo actually has 3 different shades of powder for light, medium and dark coloured hair for an instant root touch-up when you are in between salon visits.

4. Perfect Pick-Me-Up: Dry shampoo is the perfect travel buddy! With its compact size and outstanding benefits, keep dry shampoo with you at all times for a quick-fix any time. It is the perfect tool to refresh yourself after a good workout and is also very handy after a long flight. So keep it with you to instantly look fabulous when you are on-the-go.

5. Antiperspirant: If we hadn’t convinced you that dry shampoo is very versatile then here’s a tip that will have you persuaded. Obviously it has amazing effects on our hair, but it can also be used on our bodies! The lightweight powder can actually be applied to your back, chest, and neck to defend against sweat all day long!

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Photos Courtesy of: Batiste, Ojon & Fekkai

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