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Sarah Edmondson’s 5 Favourite Beauty Products

Vancouver native Sarah Edmondson has been all over the wide, wide world of cable TV. The actress has guest starred on everything from the soap series Edgemont, opposite Kristin Kreuk and Grace Park, the USA Network’s Psych and alongside Joshua Jackson on FOX’s Fringe (lucky girl). Sarah has recently joined Showcase’s new sci-fi series Continuum, a a thriller about a detective from the year 2077 who gets trapped in time in modern day Vancouver where she must serach for criminals from the future. To survive her long days on set, Sarah talked to RSN about her favourite five beauty products of all time.

1. Immerse by Osmosis
Immerse is from a great line of products I recently fell in love with. This product in particular is one of the most soothing, intense hydrators I’ve ever used. I found it through my wonderful cosmetic dermal therapist, Amy Chalmers, who totally transformed my skin with this line and her treatments (check out: I travel at least every month, and this rich emulsion and combination of essential fatty acids are the perfect product to keep my skin healthy, and in good shape. Sometimes my boyfriend teases me for coming to bed with “shiny face” but it’s worth it when I wake up in the morning looking dewy and hydrated.

2. Works Wonders Salve – Repair and Healing Salve
I also found this through Amy. I’m always struggling with dry lips and hands, and this salve does the trick for both. It’s rich, natural and super effective (and sweetened with organic Stevia!) I have some on my bedside table AND in my purse because you can use it for everything from insect bites to sunburns. It’s part of my “city-girl’s survival kit”.

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3. Coconut water – Organic Lives Coconut Water
Ok, not really a beauty product PER SE, but I feel like this does the job from the inside out. It’s a health tonic and an essential part of a vibrant, healthy lifestyle. It’s so full of electrolytes, vitamins and nutrients, some call it “The Fluid of Life”! I drink at least one bottle a day. My favourite brand is one by local Vancouver restaurant “Organic Lives” ( But if I can’t purchase that one, I also really like Nirvana’s ( Both companies are socially conscious and all natural.

4. Sundance – Mineral Radiance by YOUNG BLOOD
Amy Chalmers not only transformed my skin care regime, but also replaced my entire makeup bag with this awesome, all natural mineral line ( I use it all, but LOVE this blush/bronzer. This line was developed by a visionary woman in the medical field who saw that there wasn’t a cosmetic product for women healing from surgeries. She wanted to create something natural that not only helped women heal, but also looked natural. I love this line because it feels like I’m taking good care of my skin, and not smothering it with a bunch of chemicals. Do you see a trend in my choices??

5. Bite Beauty Lush Lip Tint
This is my new favourite lip gloss. Not only is it made in Canada (something I try to endorse with ALL my purchases) but it doesn’t have any of the usual makeup culprits (sulphates, parabens, synthetic dyes and fragrances etc).  It offers lush colour with serious hydration via pure Argon oil, and Vitamin E. Plus, the container has a middle section containing Resveratrol, a double dose of antioxidants found in red wine. Most importantly it doesn’t TASTE like chemicals the way most lipsticks do. I read somewhere that the average North american woman EATS four to nine pounds of lipstick in her lifetime, that’s somewhere between 481 and 1083 tubes. Yikes. Glad I found this one!

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