A Children’s Icon Retires – Sesame Street’s Maria Says Goodbye After 45 Years



You may not recognize her real name, but Sonia Manzano is known to millions as Sesame Street’s nurturing and kind Maria. After 45 memorable years on Sesame Street (she started in 1971), ‘Maria’ has decided it’s time to say goodbye. The 65-year-old children’s entertainer confirmed the news online earlier this week.

Fans flocked to Twitter to say goodbye, share their favourite memories of Maria on Sesame Street and offer up their thank you’s.

MB12g ‏@Mbtoon05 Jun 30
@SoniaMManzano I want to thank you for all of your work on @sesamestreet you truly made an impact on my life growing up.

Anais Blin ‏@AnaisBlin Jun 30
@amlibraries @SoniaMManzano Bye, Maria. Another remnant of my childhood going.


Good bye, good luck and thank you for the wonderful memories!


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