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Top Trend Of The Year: Loungewear


This year the red carpet and office got more relaxed as designers transformed loungewear into a hot fashion trend. In the latest issue of Real Style Magazine, our style expert Afiya Francisco broke down this trend to tell you how to wear it.

Through the ages, image-conscious women have endured more than their share of pain in the name of fashion: suffocating corsets, teetering stilettos, bags requiring Herculean strength, the list goes on. So it is due time that style setters have at long last been given a declaration for a season of comfort. True it hasn’t been officially deemed so, but if the runway and retail racks are any indication, stuffing, squeezing and pushing into unforgiving pieces has given way to cozy, soft and flowing garb.

Imagine the most sumptuous fabrics and cuts so comfortable that, until now, you sported them sheepishly on off days that called for serious comfort over style. Jogging pants, sweatshirts and even pajamas are suddenly okay – appreciated even – at venues and functions beyond the gym, couch and bedroom. But these would never be mistaken as the casual basics of yesterday. Under the direction of designers such as Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant and Clare Waight Keller for Chloé, jogging and track pants were given rock star clout – created with leather or paired with architectural blouses and sophisticated sweaters that formerly would have been paired with highbrow trousers and skirts.

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