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Copy Chloe Grace Moretz’ Carrie Prom Dress

This weekend the classic horror flick Carrie gets a modern update starring young up and comer Chloe Grace Moretz as the title role. The prom dress in Carrie is one of the most iconic looks from Hollywood, so it should come as no surprise if this is a huge look to copy. With Halloween coming up, you are sure to see many Carrie prom dresses, but this look could also easily work at an event before it is covered in blood.

Copy Chloe Grace Moretz’ Carrie dress by finding a blush hued silk dress. To get the same feel as the movie fashion, find a sexy spaghetti strap dress. With the lingerie trend of this season, finding a slinky pale pink dress shouldn’t be too difficult and is suitable for a wide range of ages.

Keep everything else very simple for the Carrie feel of this look. A pink pearl bracelet and a pair of delicate sandals will give you all you need to wear this elegant style to your own party. If you are going for the complete Carrie prom look, a flower pin or brooch will mimic her corsage in a more fashion forward style.

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