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Copy Allison Williams For New York Fashion Week Style

If you are lucky enough to be heading to the big apple this week to catch some shows during New York Fashion Week, take a cue from Girls star Allison Williams to plan the perfect outfit. Since you won’t be sitting front row with the celebs, you don’t need to worry about spending thousands on an outfit, but you should look the part.

Allison Williams’ sweet lace dress was inspiration for out lace look that works for any weather. Since the temperature can be unpredictable in September add a warm and sleek black overcoat to this outfit if you need to dress to impress will staying warm.

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Since your lace dress is very detailed, you don’t have to worry about picking many pricey jewelry pieces. Find classic accessories that won’t ever go out of style. Pearl earrings, nude pumps and a leather tote are fashion picks that everyone can agree upon and will match any outfit you bring along for your New York Fashion Week adventures.

Copy Allison Williams’ fashion by clicking on the images below.

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Photo: Startraks

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