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Copy Lily Collins Sexy Lace Dress From The Mortal Instruments

This week, Lily Collins joins forces to battle demons and vampires as Clary Fray in The Mortal Instruments. When Clary joins the Shadowhunters to learn more about her history, she has to grab attention in this sexy lace dress and leather jacket at the club. We know this is going to be on look everyone wants to slip into to, even if it isn’t appropriate fighting attire.

Lily Collins looks hot in her little black lace dress and so can you! This River Island lace dress from Asos has a sexy v-neck and lace cut-outs all for under $50 so you can attract your own Shadowhunter. Especially when you wear it with an edgy moto leather jacket ($49, Delia’s), which becomes a staple for Lily Collins’ character.

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Her Mortal Instruments accessories are just as hot. Fingerless leather gloves and those thigh high boots are sure to make a statement in the world of the supernatural, so that no one will forget you. Just be sure to keep this look to the evening to be appropriate.

Copy Lily Collin’s The Mortal Instruments fashion by clicking on the images below.

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