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Holt Renfrew Opens H Project

Canadian luxury store Holt Renfrew has opened their new store in store H Projects to show their green side. H Project is a new section of Holt Renfrew that will feature green and/or charitable fashion and accessories. The first H Project locations are open now in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver stores.

The Director of Brand Strategy at Holt Renfrew, Alexandra Weston, is behind the new H Project. She said the idea came from her travels and embracing the culture of many places she visited. The products sold are artisanal and celebrate the culture of the artists. According to reports they worked with artists in India, Italy, Peru and more. They will be working with over 30 brands for the Holt Renfrew H Project.

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Holt Renfrew says they also want to encourage their other designers to develop pieces that would fit within the H Project to further promote sustainable and eco-fashion.

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