Eco-Style Tips From Celebrity Stylist Jacqueline Rezak

Celebrity stylist Jacqueline Rezak has styled with top designers for the pages of Vogue and Elle, but she also knows the importance of living green. In a recently photoshoot with Kristin Cavallari for Coco Eco Magazine, Jacqueline Rezak showed that you can still be in the height of fashion while working with green fashion. Real Style asked the celebrity stylist for her tips on how to get our wardrobes eco-chic for the season:

Real Style: Eco-Fashion is becoming a big trend. What are your 3 top tips for people who want to make their wardrobe “greener” but don’t know where to start?

Jacqueline Rezak: The first step is to start by cleaning your closet and looking at all of the contents of each garment (fabrics, where it is made). Usually your green garments are made of natural fabrics like organic cotton or bamboo fiber.

The second step would be to go through your closet and pick out all of the vintage or recycled items. Those are the perfect items to keep in your green closet. This is one of my favorite ways to stay green as it allows you to re-use and recycle clothing and accessories!

Once you have gone through your entire closet, it is now time to start researching locally made clothing. Rather than purchasing clothing that may or may not be made ethically overseas, shop LOCALLY, this not only helps local artists, but saves the environment from horrible chemical emissions.

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Real Style: Are there any things women should look for on the tag when trying to pick green pieces from a store?

Jacqueline Rezak: When shopping green fashion, there are a few things to look out for on the tag:

1. Where is this garment made? It is made locally or was made and then sent overseas?

2. What materials is the item made out of? Look for terms like; organic cotton, wool, hemp, bamboo fiber, recycled polyester, soy cashmere/silk (or any type of organic, natural or recycled fibers). Beware that there is a difference between cotton and organic cotton. Cotton uses a large amount of chemicals, pesticides, and more, while organic cotton is much safer.

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Real Style: Do you have any favorite green or eco-friendly brands or stores that you like to shop in?

Jacqueline Rezak: Of course! One of my absolute favorite eco-friendly designers is Lara Miller, based out of Chicago, IL. She makes fashion from eco-friendly fibers such as organic cotton, recycled cotton, organic bamboo, linen, hemp and vegan silk. My favorite part about her garments (other than them being created in a socially responsible and ethical way) is that most of her garments can be worn in several ways. For example, one piece she has can be wrapped, reversed, and flipped to reveal a completely different look. Talk about re-using, this is amazing!

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