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Copy Carey Mulligan’s Great Gatsby Fashion With 5 Easy Pieces

The Great Gatsby may feature fashion from nearly a century ago, but the fashion impact of the roaring twenties still sticks. Truth be told, glamour, femininity and opulence never go out of style because they make the wearer feel fabulous. That’s why the 1920’s looks from perhaps the year’s biggest film are inspiring so many modern incarnations. With these five pieces, you too have the power to evoke Daisy Buchanan at her finest, while remaining ultra modern.

1. Wear A Drop Waist. This twenties dress silhouette has had its ups and downs, but with a clean, pastel dress like our Reiss pick, (complete with on-trend ruffle), a drop waist can be modern and fun. Styles should skim the body, never hug the hips too tightly.

2. Adorn Your Hair. Carey Mulligan looks adorable as Daisy Buchanan, and a big part of that charm is her pixie cut topped with illuminated jewel head pieces. Feathers aren’t required for the flapper-esque effect of this must-have Asos headband.

3. Choose A T-Strap. Last season’s huge ankle strap trend has made way for the twenties-inspired T-strap to have its moment. We’re loving the modern take on metallics and ladylike details of these Rachel Zoe heels. Vintage appeal meets today!

4. Add Art Deco Touches. Art Deco jewelry is a big trend this year to go alongside the major black and white trend in clothing, and beaded art deco details on a clutch or accessory will give any 2013 outfit a 1923 twist. We love this Moyna bag’s Gatsby glam vibe.

5. Be Bejewelled. Big time jewels, combining pearls, diamonds, crystals and stones — you name it, the 20’s decade was piling it on if it was a bauble. We’re inspired by Carey’s screen look and this Kenneth Jay Lane bracelet could be just the start of you sporting wrists full of stones in time for the movie’s release.

Shop the Look
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