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What To Wear For Dinner, Drinks…And Possibly Dancing

Date Night Glam

With spring in the air, there is sure to be a great rise in the number of dinner date invitations. Many of which, we presume, will turn into dinner and apres-meal drinks. A handful of which, we can only hope, will end in some dancing. The typical dinner date uniform tends to be a bit on the meek side for the less serious drinks and dancing that may follow your dining, so we’ve pulled together a look that we think is perfect for all three. (If you dare go there.)

No Pink Or Red Here

Taking inspiration from this subtle, effortlessly sexy Derek Lam Spring 2013 runway look, we say make an eye-catching statement on your bottom half with this embellished deco TopShop skirt. While it’s edging toward mini territory, this one will look best a bit on the looser side so as not to enter smut-ville. The skirt has wow factor you may not feel dinner-worthy, but trust us, your date will approve. To tone it down, follow our lead and pair with an oversized knit. Instant ease and freshness.

Love On Top

The part of this look that has us lusting over the look is the styling. We adore the unique mix of accessories , from the all consuming glamour of the Rachel Roy heels (we want! we want!) to the sleek gold clutch and this luscious shimmery aqua nail colour. This spring, you’ll be polished, fashionable and prepared for any and all of the three “D’s”. As you should be!

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