Real Style Talks To RHOV Star Jody Claman About Spring 2013 Trends & Personal Style

Tonight, our favourite domestic divas from the West Coast, The Real Housewives of Vancouver, will be in Toronto for the Canadian Screen Awards. There’s no denying that the Canadian edition of the famous reality TV franchise is one of the most popular shows on TV, and it’s even nominated for best reality or competition TV program or series tonight at the CSAs. Who would have ever thought that Vancouver could go head-to-head with cities like Beverly Hills and New York in the diva department?

We can’t help but love the woman who is arguably the most hated housewife of the Canadian West Coast: Ms. Jody Claman. Not only does she run her own high-end clothing boutique, Glass House Couture, and catering business, Jody’s Fine Foods, she’s just recently launched her very own jewelry line. After turning the tiara into a fashion statement one season 1, we couldn’t think of a lady better suited to taking statement jewelry to the next level. We can’t wait to see what Jody will wear on the red carpet tonight. We talked to the entrepreneur, fashionista and TV star about her favourite fashion trends for Spring 2013, her new jewelry line and the soon-to-be-trends she’s already rocking for Spring 2013.

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Real Style: What are you excited for in spring fashion for 2013?
Jody Claman: I have created a beautiful, whimsical line of jewelry. I have always been fascinated by crystal balls. I know that sounds so odd, but I actually started the project by looking through a crystal ball. First, we were going to call in Wink. Right now, we’re just calling it Jody’s Couture Jewelry. For a big platform for Harrods in Europe, etc, we need to find a proper name, but I haven’t found anything that really sets with me, so we’re just going to put under the same collection as the clothing. It’s fancy, gorgeous cocktail rings both in real and fake stones, so if you can’t afford the $50,000 ring, you can have the $400 ring that looks identical. The cocktail rings are special, and I have ear and hand candy. I have a huge appetite for everything. I’m like Ariel from the bottom of the sea! This is an orgy of excess. I did fairies and dragons. I did sort of like the collection of King Solomon when he was in the forest — wild flowers, honeybees gathering nectar, big frogs on lily pads, ladybugs, fireflies. It came out at Christmas. I made 400 pieces and it sold out. I never anticipated that. I thought it would be mainly samples to girlfriends, family and friends, and then everybody wanted it. I made big hoop earrings and bracelets that looked like a kaleidoscope of stones, and everything went at full price.

RSN: Were you able to sell any to any of the girls from the show?
JC: When we’re not filming, I see Ronnie a lot, but when we’re not filming, especially at holiday time because I have Jody’s Fine Foods and I have the Glass House and I’m writing two books… I don’t really get to see many people.

RSN: With your store the Glass House, what would you say are your top five fashion essentials for spring?
JC: Well, you saw last year that I wore tiaras, and everyone giggled about that. That was a year behind, so when the show actually aired in Canada, tiaras were just coming in. In British Vogue, [tiaras] were on the cover. There were so many people with tiaras, and I already did that look. I pretty much do what I please, and I have no barriers. I really don’t care what people think of me, as you can see. I’m on the boat alone. For spring for my collection for Glass House, I did really pretty soft colours, very angelic, muted pinks and creams. I really wanted it to be my inner voice because everybody thought I was such a villain last year, and I had no issue with that. That was okay; it’s a show. But I really wanted to show who I am. Success doesn’t come from the outside; it comes from the inner voice, and it comes pretty natural to me. I created this look through a palate of very, very soft, muted tones — lots of muddy pink, lace and rhinestone. The T-shirts are amazing, and they have very funny little sayings on the back of them on the shoulder.

RSN: What would you say of the spring 2013 in terms of fit and style?
JC: Blazers are going to be very strong over the next few years. I find that the skinny jean is still very complimentary. They’re also doing a variety of colour frames — a day glow, a bright yellow, but they’re also doing pastels like peach and aqua. I love feathers. I personally think blazers are going to be massive, a very casual T-shirt, blouses are back — classics with some crazy bright yellow canary pants perhaps with a toned down T-shirts. Big ostentatious jewelry is huge in Europe right now — big earrings, big necklaces.

RSN: You mentioned tiaras from last season. Will we be seeing any signature Jody styles on this season of Real Housewives of Vancouver?
JC: Yes, very ostentatious jewelry and phenomenal platform shoes covered in rhinestones. Rhinestone shoes are huge right now — wonderful for a wedding gown but more appropriately worn with a skinny pair of grey jeans and a great T-shirt and a fabulous Balmain coat with these huge 7-inch heels. People that find pain shouldn’t be doing the look. Define pain — everything hurts!

RSN: In person, I can’t get over how tiny you are, like a tiny little waist!
JC: Because I don’t dress like it. I’m a raging feminist, but I don’t have a masculine bone in my body, but I’m so misunderstood because of my voice. I know I was heavily edited. They left out sentences and they forgot to show what the person said to me prior. I’m really true to myself, and I love women who have the expectation of getting results. Success isn’t money; success is about doing something you love and being creative and passionate, and then money falls in your hand. I get very bored very quickly, and I know that life has no rules and is so fleeting, so I’m constantly recreating different personas and audacious, thought-provoking inspiration.

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