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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts Found At Every Mall

Uh oh–made a Valentine’s Day blunder and left gift shopping to the very last loving minute? Don’t throw your flowers and chocolates hat on just yet. We’ve got the inside scoop on what every girl wants from her Valentine–no, it’s not a bucket of calories or basket of blooms. Simply head to the nearest mall with our guide of affordable must-have gifts, pop into one of these stores, and sweeten the day for her without ever revealing your trusty resources.


1. Victoria’s Secret. Be ready to be bombarded with romantic options here, but stay on track and opt for the gift you know will fit her. (And may get you a smooch or six later). Shiny Kiss Gloss Set, $20.

2. H&M. This shopping thing may not be your world, but a flirty little something will show her she is yours. Go for a pretty, lacey bra, $20, and panties, $10

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3. Sephora. Have her smelling sweet, and rewarding your sweet gesture by getting close and cozy when you give her this Prelude To A Kiss fragrance sampler, $20

4. Old Navy. She will LOVE layering this adorable pink tee under her favourite blazer, and will think of you each time she does. T-shirt, $10

5. Gap. Don’t be sidetracked by all the options in this store–know her shoe size? (Hope so!) Give her these adorable leopard print flats and she’ll never step away. Flats, $40.

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