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These Canadian Hat Designers Are The Next Wave In Hat Couture

Clareese Cocktail Hat, $147,

Hats Off, Canada

While we are, of course, enamoured with the renowned statement hats designed by our Winter Real Style featured designer Philip Treacy, we don’t have to look as far as Britain to find gorgeous one-of-a-kind toppers. Namely, the stunning headpieces from Canadian based millinery Love Charlie (just to name one favourite.)

More Than Toques

Love Charlie makes custom designed, hand made hats and headpieces that are fit for royalty.  Just take a look here, and you’ll see where the love part comes in. Love Charlie’s pieces are designed with such inspiration and creativity- it’s no surprise their lead designer studied millinery in France under Dillon Wallwork, known for his handmade hats for Queen Elizabeth, the late Queen Mother, the late Princess Diana, and Kate Middleton.

Even More…

Another Canadian hat designer making us consider some serious hat-head (or bad hair day rescue) this season is Vancouver-based Claudia Schultz. Her designs are less regal and formal, edgier takes on classic shapes in every unexpected hue and shape. Schultz’s designs are truly works of art, and have a staggeringly different feel than those of Treacy or any other international designers. They’re truly unique Canadian beauties!

Check out Real Style Magazine’s very own Hilary Alexander interviewing the iconic Philip Treacy in his London studio for our Winter 2013 print edition below!

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