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Holiday Gift Guide For The Fashionable Traveller On Your List

The Jetsetting trendsetter (or trendsetting jetsetter, who is equally intimidating) is the person on your holiday list who you’d better choose wisely for. This is the girl whose ability to be both stylish and worldly always gives us anxious jet lag without even leaving our flat. We’ve all seen her in the gate area–with her seamless airport navigation, (unlike those who walk in circles and stutter at the customs desk–ahem) and nary a Lululemon pant or baggy sweater in sight. She may seem to need for nothing, what with her stunning wardrobe and apparent unlimited travel budget, but we know that travelling in style requires the perfect luggage and travel accessories. Perfect passport case, suitcase, cosmetics case…we rest our case. Give her one of our gift guide finds and who knows, maybe she’ll give you the secret to her glamourous existence. (Hint: leave your flat.)

1. This Deux Lux passport case will glitter away the hideousness of any passport photo. Almost. Passport Case, $35.

2. A Ron Robinson laptop carrier in mod, minimalist pale blue is ideal for anyone who wouldn’t leave home without her Macbook…or wants to pretend her 11-year old Acer is a Macbook. Laptop Case, $55.

3. The Kenneth Cole Reaction wheel suitcase in inky black with glam croc detail is, “how you say, chic?” in any language. Luggage, $169.

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4. A Tory Burch jewelry case is one way to show you really, really care about someone. Or that you’ve noticed those diamond studs and turquoise pendant and are hoping she’ll include you in her will. Jewelry case, $85.

5. Kate Spade’s sprinkles cosmetics tote is one sweet and diet-friendly treat we can get behind, and ideal for the globetrotting Sephora addict. Uh oh. Now we want a donut. Cosmetics Case Set, $154.

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