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Extravagant Pet Gifts

We all love our pets, they’re loyal, and fluffy, and they’re always excited to see us.

In exchange for all the affection they provide, we care for them as though they were some type of perma-baby. Constantly feeding, walking, burping, bathing, petting, and cooing words of love like, “Who’s the cutest little puppy? Who’s a good little boy?”

But what if that’s not enough? What if your dog wants more than organic dog food, and a pet bed from Costco? Perhaps your little lhasa apso, Winston, is really after the finer things in life, and you have simply denied him all these years?

Who wouldn’t want to be dressed in Roberto Cavalli and paraded around the dog park? Making all those lowly golden retrievers jealous.

Maybe diamonds are a dog’s best friend?

Versace Barocco Pet Bowl – $754

22K gold leafed Borocco Pet Bowl by Versace, fit for a canine king. I don’t even imagine what you would serve in such a fancy dish, perhaps a filet mignon, a wild prawn medley, or maybe a roasted duck in a raspberry glaze?

Louis XV Pet Pavilion – $23,990

18th century French Rosewood Pavilion. Tassels, you sneer? Yes, tassels. What would a dog do with tassels? Of this, we’re not entirely sure, but we would like to house a little pup in this gorgeous palace just to find out.

I Love Dogs 52-carat Diamond Dog Collar – $1.8 Million

Diamond Dog Collar studded with more than 1600 hand-set diamonds. If this is what your little furry princes is wearing to the ball this evening, make sure you don’t leave your tiara or diamond encrusted fairy wand at home, otherwise you’ll be completely upstaged.

Roberto Cavalli Designer Pet Clothes – $110 – $1,200

Robert Cavalli’s line of pooch couture has everything to keep your pup in style. The collection features a variety of elaborate satin robes, silk shorts, and velour tracksuits. Perfect for lounging around the house on a Sunday afternoon while reading the paper.

Dog Tiara – $4.2 Million

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. This tiara, worth $4.2 million, was made from titanium, encrusted with 250-carats of emeralds and diamonds. Ridiculous? Never. Tiaras are nothing but practical accessories.

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