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The 5 Pieces That Transform Any Winter Wardrobe For Less

This list is the only reference you will need to revamp your winter wardrobe for under $350. Believe it! Reinvent your style and completely transform your current wardrobe with these five versatile pieces, each between $30 and $98. More than 50 fresh, on-trend outfits can be created with these must-haves and the basics you already own. Simply add one or more of the “Wear Me With” options to your new items, and everyone will ask how you got your hands on a completely new wardrobe. Our little secret!

1. Oversized Knit Pullover. Asos, $62,

Wear Me With: coloured jeans, skinny jeans, leggings, boyfriend jeans, mini skirt with heels and hose, leather pants, ankle boots, riding boots, printed scarf, cape coat, white button down.

2. Bold Print Blazer. Blazer, $98,

Wear Me With: pencil skirt, mini dress, skinny jeans, coloured jeans, boyfriend jeans, work trousers, tank and mini skirt, print pants, statement necklace, bright hued bag, solid hue scarf, white button down.

3. Leather-Look Pencil Skirt. Tinley Road Leather Skirt, $78,

Wear Me With: fitted sweater, white blouse, knit pullover, printed blouse, sheer blouse, cropped sweater, cape jacket, pumps, cat-eye liner, messy bun, statement necklace, edgy tee, trench style jacket, fur trimmed collar, brocade clutch.

4. White Button-Down. H&M, $30,

Wear Me With: metallic pants, print mini skirt, textured shorts and tights, leather pants, coloured jeans, knit pullover, print blazer, jeans, bold belt, printed scarf, velvet pants, statement necklace, printed pants, chunky heels, flat boots, military jacket, boyfriend jeans, nude nails.

5. Velvety Skinnies. Gap Skinny Pants, $70,

Wear Me With: white button down, leather jacket, ankle boots, print blazer, peplum top, knit sweater, cocoon coat, furry bag, detachable collar necklace, jewel-toned blouse, wine lipstick, boyfriend blazer, bordeaux nails.

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