Soia & Kyo’s Designer Talks Traveler Inspired Outerwear

Soia & Kyo designer Ilan Elfassy has been a staple in Canadian outerwear and for his Spring 2013 collection he brought his inspiration of travel to the runway with pastel trenches, vests and leather, shades influenced by his love of florals. Before the designs hit the runway we had caught up with Ilan about his personal inspiration and what we should have in our closets by Spring 2013.

Real Style: Can you start off with describing your Spring 2013 collection for us?

Ilan Elfassy: It’s just very nice. Just kidding! It’s all about colours. We’re going to have many colours and a lot of light pastels. The message out there is getting together, travelling and exploring, being together, it’s like the experience after a long winter and going to the countryside, it’s fresh. It’s different, relaxed, fun and light.

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Did you have any personal inspiration when creating the collection?

Flowers, lots of flowers.

What kind of man or woman do you see wearing these clothes?

I would say it would be one that likes to dress different, to travel, people that have a real passion for fashion and especially a woman that if she wants to wear something different, she will, because of the colours and silhouettes, she wants to stand out.

How do you think this collection is different from your previous collections?

The message is completely different for me. It’s all about travelling that’s my real message, it will be a surprise. It’s mainly inspired by the colours and flowers but for me any building, or nice meadow, restaurants, tables, art, that can all inspired me. Every piece is an inspiration to me.

What are some pieces every woman should be wearing for spring?

Trench, leather jackets and a vest from my 2013 spring collection.

[Photographed by Melonie de Guzman for OPIQUE / Top of the Runway]

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