Interview: Bruce Dang of Paraezo Couture on Bridal Trends for Spring 2013

Paraezo Couture’s dreamy bridal gowns had the attention of every girl in the audience. The dresses paired with floral headpieces designed by a local florist captured the Secret Garden inspiration perfectly. After the show designer Bruce Dang told us about a trend he plans to bring back next season and the new not so traditional trends in bridal.

Real Style: What are the key trends in bridal for the Spring 2013 season?

Bruce Dang: A big trend we’re seeing is colour. Champagne has been huge and I’ve even been seeing a little bit of red. I’ve seen it at some weddings but not too many. I’ve seen red at a few weddings but not too many but champagne is something a lot of brides are doing.

Real Style: How do you think a bride should accessorize her gown?

Bruce Dang: It’s really a personal choice when accessorizing the gown.  It’s all about bringing out her personality. Usually when you have a really simple gown you have elaborate accessories. If the dress is a lot more simple one of the biggest trends is adding a belt.

Real Style: What are some past bridal trends that are no longer in style?

Bruce Dang: I would really like to see the poof come back. Next year I’m going to include that in my collection. Ball gowns were out for a while but now they are definitely back, I have quite a few of them in my collection, it’s one of my favourite silhouettes.

Real Style: What do you think the most important thing to remember is when looking for a bridal gown?

Bruce Dang: Definitely going into a retail store rather than shopping online, that’s a big one, you won’t get the same experience if you choose to shop online. Make sure you know your figure, what looks best on it and what styles you should be trying. Your bridal consultant should know all of this.

Real Style: What was your inspiration when designing your gowns?

Bruce Dang: My inspiration was the book The Secret Garden.  I took the idea of growth and the magic that happens in the garden and I put things like flowers on my dresses and most important the idea of blooming, I put flowers on the skirts to make it look like it was blooming.

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