Evan Biddell Talks About His Triumphant Return To Canadian Fashion

Canadian designer Evan Biddell made his long awaited return to the Toronto Fashion week scene with his latest Spring 2013 collection. The sea of animal print, black and youthful Warhol influenced pop-art prints were bold and playful. We had a chance to speak with the Saskatoon born designer and former Project Runway Canada winner about his latest collection, aMuse.

Real Style: Can you describe the collection for us?

Evan Biddell: The collection was designed to be difficult to describe. I enjoy reading other people interpretations of the work.

Real Style:What kind of woman do you see wearing these clothes?

Evan Biddell: Strong women wear my clothes.

Real Style: Did you have a muse when creating the collection?

Evan Biddell: Not one specific muse, the women in my life act as my general inspiration.

Real Style: It’s been two years since your last show, what were you working on during your two year absence?

Evan Biddell: I had a studio in a little castle under a bridge in down town Vancouver where I continued creating. I also toured a fashion show through 5 cities in Northern China with the world music fashion festival.

Real Style: How do you think you’ve grown as a designer since your last collection?

Evan Biddell: I am two years wiser, and so is the woman I am dressing.

Real Style: What 3 pieces do you think every woman should have in her wardrobe for spring?

Evan Biddell: Crop tops short/long jersey dresses and maxi tank dress, if you want to look like everyone else.

[Photographed by Mirian Njoh for OPIQUE / Top of the Runway]

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