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Elizabeth Taylor’s Best Fashion Moments In Film

This Sunday, Lindsay Lohan will attempt to play the one and only Elizabeth Taylor in a made for TV movie on Lifetime. Although critics are already anticipating that this will be the film that reinvigorates Lindsay Lohan’s troubled career, we can’t help but think she has some big shoes to fill. To this day, Oscar-winning actress Elizabeth Taylor is still one of the most highly regarded women ever to grace the big screen. Not only did she make some of the most loved movies of our time, she also made women want to emulate her beauty, including the outfits she wore on screen. Here is a look at her 5 most memorable fashion moments from film.

Who can forget Elizabeth Taylor in this gorgeous slip paired with heels, no less, in 1958’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Costume designer Helen Rose created Liz’s famous looks in this classic film.

Elizabeth Taylor made the white one-piece swim suit an instant classic in 1959’s Suddenly, Last Summer. The swimsuit was created by costume designer Oliver Messel.

Many women have attempted to play Cleopatra, but no one has done it quite like Elizabeth Taylor in 1963’s Cleopatra. The dark-haired beauty looked like a timeless goddess in her elaborate and detailed clothes and headpieces created for her by costume designer Renie and Irene Sharaff.

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Elizabeth Taylor stunned in this white dress, designed for her by Edith Head, for her role in 1951’s A Place in the Sun. Young women the world over requested dresses like this after the movie came out for their sweet 16s and debutante balls.

Sure, we already mentioned this movie, but Elizabeth’s white dress in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was one of the only non-lingerie looks her character wore, and she looked just as gorgeous all dressed up in white as she did dressed down in lingerie.

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