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5 Must Have Fashion Pieces To Look Thinner

How To Look Thin 101

We chose 5 of our favorite fashion pieces to help you overcome the ‘chunk season’. This fashion season may have all the fashion magazines preaching the chunky, heavy and thick school of style, us regular girls still want to look slim. One look at the  layering layer upon layer promises to add, well, layers to your waistline and is enough to loose your appetite for autumn apparel. Well don’t. We’re in the know with the tricks to appearing as thin as ever with these five easy pieces.

1. The Most Slimming Dress award goes to the illusion style dress. When Kate Winslet first hit the red carpet in a Stella McCartney illusion dress in 2011, mouths dropped at how amazingly tiny her waist and hourglass figure looked. The curves are built right in to this style, and having darker fabric on the sides makes the tinier middle section stand out. Try this affordable Asos illusion and forgo the diet this fall– they don’t work anyway!

Love Illusion Dress, $45,

2. The Most Slimming Top award goes to the peplum blouse or tank. Peplums (in bright hues, not just black!) are slimming in both tops and dresses because they fit snugly on the naturally small part of your waist and flare out over any trouble areas. So who’s to know whether you’re just as tiny all over under that ruffle of fabric? That’s why we can’t get enough of this style. Peplums like the one on this bright berry Topshop tank create curves for those who need them and flatter the ones you’ve got.

Topshop Peplum Tank, $36,

3. The Most Slimming Skirt award goes to the pencil! It even sounds skinny. Like colour, there’s no need to fear prints because even in a bold pattern or colour, a pencil skirt is instantly slimming. By hitting just below the knee, masking a tummy, and offering no extra bulk, the slim, sleek pencil skirt is one thing no girl should live without. Pair this McQ bird-print skirt with a lightweight tank and ankle-strap stilettos for cocktails or pumps and a tailored blazer to be the skinny girl at the office.

McQ Skirt, $282,

4. The Most Slimming Jeans award goes to the dark wash straight-leg with strategic fading. Again, the key here is that the darker parts are on the sides or outside of the body to create a shadow. This gives the appearance that the darker part (or wider part of your thighs) isn’t actually there! So, make sure any fading is in the center of the leg like these Levi’s. Also go for a mid-rise to create length and conceal a tummy, and a straight- not skinny or flare- leg. A skinny leg can sometimes cut into muscular quads and calves to create an unflattering silhouette, while a flare just adds volume.

Levi's Made & Crafted Jeans. $92,

5. The Most Slimming Jacket award goes to the one-button blazer. When buying a blazer, try on as many as you can in structured, nipped-in shapes until the button falls at the smallest part of your waist. Buy it as fitted (read-tight) as possible without gaping or constricted arms but still slim in the sleeves. Black is often most practical, and we love this classic H&M version, but a bright colour, print or vertical stripes are fun, too. Just focus on fit and the rest will follow. (Of course we mean the rest of the guys, you sexy little thing).

H&M Blazer, $60,

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