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Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Procrastinators need love too! If you’re anything like us, you’d never get anything done if it weren’t for the last minute. So if you’ve found yourself in a Halloween jam, in quite a pickle (or in some other preserved food that comes in a jar) we’ve come to your Halloween rescue. These five costumes can be created with things you have at home or can find for under $5 at a dollar store, take under 30 minutes to put together, and are far more original than the pitiful holes-for-eyes ghosts we’ve ruined many a white sheet for.

1. Paper Doll. Remember those fun paper dolls with the little tabs you spent hours styling as if you were wee Rachel Zoe’s? Recreate the memory! Cut out a paper doll outfit from bright-coloured bristol board, add white bristol board tabs, and tie around your waist with clear twine or string. Wear nude clothing, like a modest slip, underneath. Add white gloves and cute pumps and finish with doll-worthy curls and exaggerated doll makeup.

2. Golden Goddess. Be a statuesque Greek goddess (you can choose to be the goddess of whatever you like) with these simple steps. First you’ll need that old white sheet (but no ghosts here) to fashion into a toga. To create Grecian waves in your hair, wrap sections around a one-inch curling iron in one direction, spray and brush out. Find fake ivy-like leaves at a dollar store or craft store and tie together in a circle for your headpiece. For a touch of gold all over, find an old gold shimmer eyeshadow. Break it into a powder and apply it heavily with a blush brush to your entire body and face, and voila! Greek chic.

3. Paper Bag Princess. One of our favourite childhood reads is also one of the simplest and most fun Halloween costumes to pull together in a pinch. All you need is a roll of brown postal wrapping paper (only about $5 at target or a similar store) and some brown smudgy makeup (eyeshadow, eyeliner or eyebrow pencil all work). First, wrinkle up a meter of the paper so it looks like an old paper bag, and tape or glue it around your body, fastening at the top with two glued-on strips. Make a crown by cutting a long piece of the paper, cutting spikes on the top, and taping into a head-sized circle like those Christmas cracker crowns. Finally, tease hair into a messy style and smudge brown makeup on face and around eyes for that dirty little paper bag princess look.

4. Desperate 50’s Housewife. This is one of our favourites and it’s so simple- all you need is an apron, some Velcro rollers (or toilet paper rolls will do!), some red lipstick and high heels. Put hair up in rollers, or roll it around the T.P. rolls and pin in place for a dishevelled housewife ‘do. Exaggerate smudged cat-eyes with black liner and apply lots of mascara or fake lashes. smudge red lipstick on liberally, with a messy touch and maybe some on your teeth. Apply some kitchen stains, spills and flour on your apron (worn over a slipdress), add ripped stockings if you like, and some high heels. A box of wine or empty vodka bottle as a prop never hurt, either.

5. Gypsy. Like it or not, there have been some trends in the past few years that have left us all with gypsy-worthy pieces in our closets. We think it’s a good thing to have when Halloween suddenly creeps up. For the DIY gypsy, pair a frothy maxi skirt with a bright printed tank or a crop top/bralet from this past summer. Now hit your jewelry box and put on everything in it. Bangles, chain, necklaces, big hoop earrings and cocktail rings all welcome. If it’s too cold where you live for gladiator sandals, opt for flats or boots. Wear hair long and loose, topped with a tied scarf as a head-wrap. Makeup can be bold, with fuchsia lips and teal eyeshadow as the icing on this big fat gypsy cake.

Happy Halloween, DIY-ers and procrastinators!

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