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Interview: Keasha Rigsby Talks Wedding Dress Trends

Vivacious bridal consultant Keasha Rigsby of Say Yes To The Dress fame is branching out! Tonight, Keasha will launch her latest foray into reality TV: Keasha’s Perfect Dress, which airs on Slice at 9pm. On the show, Keasha helps brides-to-be find the perfect dress for their special day in her pop-up bridal boutique in Toronto. Real Style had the chance to talk with Keasha before the premiere.

What are some of the biggest trends in Fall 2012 bridal gowns? We’re thinking peplum…
You said the magic word! The peplum dress is definitely the fall trend look. The peplum is a blast from the past. It’s the 1940s reborn. It’s so flattering.

Have you seen more brides opt for long sleeves thanks to Kate Middleton and Natalie Portman?
I thought because of Kate Middleton that a lot of brides would gravitate towards long sleeves. However, the strapless is still the most common choice. Don’t feel that you have to do a long sleeve just because it’s winter. You definitely need some sort of wrap, though, like a a fake fur or what have you.

What is popular in terms of headwear right now?
Another blast from the past is the birdcage veil. Not everyone can wear a birdcage, and don’t wear it with glasses! You’ve got to see. I’ve seen brides make that mistake, wearing the birdcage with their glasses.

Is colour something you try to convince brides not to do for their gown?
If you love a colour, keep it in your accessories. You can do it on your bridesmaids and your flower girls, and you can even carry it in your bouquet. You don’t have to have the colour painted on your body.

Are there a few go-to designers for wedding gowns?
Oscar de la Renta is phenomenal. Ramona Kevaza who is Canadian. Then you have Justina McCaffrey. Then you have Vera Wang. Rivini is right here in Canada.

What would you advise someone on a serious budget to do?
Go to a sample sale first. You’ll be in shock at who’s on sale. You’ll turn around and there will be a Reem Acra. You never know what you’ll find at these sample sales.

How much of a budget should you put aside for a dress?
If you want a good dress, at least $5,000. Don’t buy the Louis Vuittons or the heels with the red bottoms. Make the sacrifice for the dress.

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Photo Courtesy of: Splice

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