Designer Picks: Nicole Bridger’s Eco-Friendly Fashion Picks

With Eco Fashion Week hitting the runway in Vancouver this week, we at Real Style have been trying to think green. We turned to one of our favourite eco-fashion designers Nicole Bridger to get her tips on fall fashion. See what this earth friendly fashionista thinks are the must haves of the season:

What are your three fall essential must-haves for women this fall and why?

One of our fair trade baby alpaca sweaters. They keep you so warm and are so soft. Great with a silk tunic or jeans and a tee.

A great fall coat that is stylish, so many people have great outfits and then ruin it with an ugly winter coat.

One of our floral printed silk dresses for holiday season.

What are you favourite trends this season and why?

I really don’t keep on top of the trends, I just create what I feel like and somehow it always ends up on trend. I love the ox blood reds and burgundys, they look good on all skin tones. I love that people are becoming aware that cotton leggings are not appropriate as pants. Its all about the modern woman right now. She is busy, works hard, has a real life and wants to stay connected to feeling beautiful throughout her day.

What are your favourite fall accessories and why?

I love the artisan scarves, I have a scarf collection. You can make any outfit interesting with a great scarf and keep warm at the same time. You need great boots that you can wear all day, look and feel amazing in but will keep your toes warm. Buy good quality and take good care of them and you will have them for years. A floppy wool hat to keep you warm and looking cute. Its all about functional style in the winter, how to keep looking great while handling the winter weather.

What are some of the biggest style mistakes women make in the fall?

Not splurging for the great coat. Getting too cold and losing their style trying to stay warm.

How do you define the look and feel of your fall collection?

The colour palette is deep and introspective. Its cozy while feeling romantic. Every piece is comfortable while staying sexy and elegant.

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