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Celebrity Brides Who Didn’t Wear White Wedding Dresses

Jessica Biel wore a pink and white Giambattista Valli-designed dress for her wedding! Although no photos of the beautiful bride in her non-traditional dress have been released yet, we can only imagine how stunning Jessica looked! She’s not the only celebrity bride to opt for a non-white dress for her big day. She’s not even the first celebrity bride to wear a white and pink wedding dress instead, for that matter (you’ll have to read our list to find out who wore white and pink long before Jessica)! Check out our list of the top celebrity brides who didn’t wear white wedding dresses.

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Reese Witherspoon: Legally Blonde starlet Reese Witherspoon wore a baby pink Monique Lhyilier wedding gown for her second marriage to agent Jim Toth. We love that Reese decided against white for her second walk down the aisle but still opted for an extremely feminine colour and held a bouquet of white flowers instead.

Dita Von Teese: Burlesque goddess Dita Von Teese wore a stunning purple gown by Vivienne Westwood for her wedding with shock rocker Marilyn Manson. We wouldn’t expect anything less from Dita!

Helena Bonham Carter: The always eccentric Helena Bonham Carter wore a red velvet dress with a black veil for her wedding to Tim Burton. Hey, she was marrying the man responsible for The Corpse Bride. What else would you expect? Check out a photo here!

Julianne Moore: The always stunning Julianne Moore wore a lavender Prada dress for her wedding to Bart Freundlich back in 2003. Julianne’s two children were at the wedding, so we guess that explains why she didn’t wear white. Check out a photo of Julianne’s gorgeous dress here.

Sharon Stone: Blonde beauty Sharon Stone wore a dusty pink Vera Wang dress for her wedding to Phil Bronstein in 1998. Giving that she made a name for herself in the film Basic Instinct, we’re pretty sure we understand why she didn’t wear white.

Sarah Jessica Parker: Well, we have to admit, even Carrie Bradshaw has made a few fashion faux-pas that she wishes she could take back! SJP wore a black wedding dress when she tied the knot with Matthew Broderick. The fashion icon now regrets her choice in colour and wishes she wore white instead. See SJP’s black wedding dress here.

Gwen Stefani: No Doubt front woman Gwen Stefani wore a white John Galliano dress to her wedding with Gavin Rossdale. The bottom of her dress was dip-dyed in hot pink. How rock n’ roll!

Elizabeth Taylor: Although Elizabeth had worn many different colours of wedding dresses over the years from yellow to green, Liz wore her second yellow wedding in 1991 when she married construction worker Larry Fortensky for her 8th marriage. Hey, when you’ve been married as many times as Elizabeth Taylor, you can experiment with tradition a little!

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