Designer Picks: Montreal Designers Tavan & Mitto Pick Their Faves

Montreal designers Payam Tavan and Mike Mitto opened Montreal Fashion Week in a show that some are calling gorgeous with sequins, lace and flowing blouses. With experience working in the fashion meccas of both Milan and Paris, this Canadian duo is one to watch on the fashion scene. Real Style Network asked the designers for their picks on the must-have fall essentials.

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What are your three fall essential must-haves for women this fall and why?

– Circular skirts: It is not only an upcoming trend, but it also gives a superb silhouette, especially when the wind blows!

– The colour ocre: It’s a bright sunshine in the middle of winter!

– Leather touches: Instantly brings something to life as it makes it more interesting, and definitely modern!

What are you favourite trends this season and why?

– Transparency: It breaks up the light, and casts a beautiful light on the women wearing it.

– Oversize: It gives comfort and confidence, you feel protected.

What are your favourite fall accessories and why?

– Big chunky metal jewellery: It instantly brightens a sihouette.

What are some of the biggest style mistakes women make in the fall?

– Not wearing the proper texture. Often women still wear a summer-y length and texture.

How do you define the look and feel of your fall collection?

Our fall collection is inspired by the delicate and refreshing spirit of dawn, which means a lot of hourglass silhouettes-high waistlines and flowy, circular volumes. The colors are similar to the passage from the darkness of night to the light of day. The hues are presented in a pale array, including greyish, silvery and opalescent tinges, with vibrant pruple and green tints.

Find where to buy Tavan & Mitto’s new collection on their website and keep an eye out for this Canadian team.

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