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Kate Middleton’s Electric Blue Stella McCartney Dress

Could Kate Middleton manage to be any more coordinated for the Olympics in London? The Duchess of Cambridge arrived at the launch of the London 2012 sport star exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London wearing a Stella McCartney electric blue dress. She topped of her British designer look with a gold Cartier Olympic-themed necklace featuring five rings (at a cost of £49,000), making her look exceptionally patriotic. Although we’re used to seeing Kate in brands like Zara, the Stella McCartney ’60s-inspired dress has a steeper price tag at £515, and she topped off her look with Prada pumps. Why not? The spotlight is about to be on London as the Olympics come to town, and we love to see Kate looking her best.

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Kate’s electric blue dress will no doubt cause quite a shopping frenzy, given that the item is still in stock in stores (at least while we’re writing this, that is!). What do you think — is this one of Kate’s best looks yet?

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