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The Bay Celebrates 342nd Birthday With Talks Of Bringing Bloomingdales To Canada

That’s right, Hudson’s Bay Company was founded May 2, 1670- making the Canadian retail staple 342 years old today. And to mark the milestone? Hudson’s Bay Company is said to be in talks with New York based luxury retail chain Bloomingdales to bring the chain to Canada, The Globe And Mail reports.

The possible opening of Bloomingdales stores within Bay stores may be an early move on The Bay’s part to get a head start on Canada’s high-end fashion retail market before others, industry sources told the Globe And Mail.

Other foreign fashion and retail chains making it onto Canadian territory in recent news have been UK’s Topshop chain, which The Bay also had a hand in leading into Canada, and Target, who struck a deal last year with Zeller’s for their stores to enter Canadian soil.

[The Globe And Mail]

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